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Family Fun & Guided Tours
Fishing from the pier for the little ones or touring over 140,000 acres in a Wildlife Refuge which provides a wide variety of habitats: coastal dunes, saltwater estuaries and marshes, freshwater impoundments, scrub, pine flatwoods, and hardwood hammocks and habitat for more than 1,500 species of plants and animals. We offer bird and wildlife observation, a wildlife drive, views from a manatee observation deck, fishing and hunting opportunities, and boating and paddling experiences activities for the whole family. Camp Creekbed in Florida, the best place to start                                                              your visit!
Hunt the Hog!   (Photos)
Wild hog size and weight vary, and depend on genetics and local conditions. Typically, male hogs ( boars) are larger than females (sows) & average adult males may weigh 200+ pounds, stand 3 feet at the shoulder, have tails reaching 12 inches, and can be almost 5 feet from the tip of the tail to the tip of the snout. Hogs have 4 continually growing, self-sharpening tusks (2 in the upper and 2 in the lower jaw; (tusks in the upper and lower tusks rub against each other, which keeps them sharp) and can become quite pronounced with trophy value.Tusks in females are relatively small. Male hogs generally possess a thick hide on their shoulders (up to 3/4 of an inch thick) known as a hog shield that protects them during fights. All wild hogs have an excellent sense of smell & good hearing, but relatively poor vision. Wild hogs use a variety of vocalizations, including an alarm grunt given by the first hog to sense an intruder that causes a flight response by the rest of the herd. Other vocalizations are similar to those of domesticated pigs. Wild hogs also communicate through scent posts that are often also used for body scratching and rubbing. Boars also "tusk" small trees, frequently pines, scraping off the outside bark with their tusks. This behavior may play a part in some type of dominance display. Such actions can seriously damage the rubbed objects, often trees. Hog sign includes tracks, trails, wallows, rooting, rubbing, and scat. Join me on the hunt for this exciting foe.
Fish the Fish! (Photos)
Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World because of abundant resources and offers unrivaled fishing experiences with over 1,000 different species of fish. We encourage you to enjoy recreational fishing with your family and friends as a great way to reconnect with nature and relax. There are over3 million acres of lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and 10,550 miles of rivers, streams and canals-with no closed seasons.

Surf Fishing
Florida offers a great diversity of saltwater species that can be fished directly from the beach and enjoyed by the whole family. Catch snook, tarpon, cobia, blue fish, Spanish mackerel, snapper and other bottom fish as well as the occasional kingfish. You will also see many kinds of marine life from dolphins, manatees, brown and cow rays, different types of sharks, crabs as well as marine birds. We provide equipment, bait, sunscreen and all the fun you can handle. 
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We'll get you started fishing and exploring the best fishing holes, instruct you in technique, help you identify a vairety of species you might wish to fish for or observe on your outing and those that are threatened or prohibited.
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About Our Services
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